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WriterClark Knowles

Clark Knowles teaches writing at the University of New Hampshire. He received his MFA in Writing from Bennington College. The Arts Council of the State of New Hampshire awarded him a Individual Fellowship for the year 2009. His fiction has appeared in recent issues of: Harpur Palate, Conjunctions, Limestone, Nimrod, Eclipse, and Glimmer Train Stories.

Musician – Muddy Ruckus

Americana knocked off it’s feet and kissed by the devil. Virtuosic rhythm guitar, slamming upright bass and haunting vocal harmonies that smack in your face and leave you stomping your feet for more.

Muddy Ruckus is led by one man band and songwriter “Muddy Ruckus” (aka Ryan Flaherty) – offering a flavorful stew of eclectic, original music. He parlays his skillful guitar chops and rambling vocals into sating and rebellious compositions, reflecting elements of bluegrass, gypsy, flamenco, roadhouse swing and jazz. He also plays drums with his feet, rounding out the acoustic sound with rocking, percussive grooves. The songs tell a story from many cities, many nights, many kisses and many fights. A hand shake here, a trickery there… The music never lies yet always resting double sided in the morning light of meaning and sonority. Contrary to playing solo, Muddy Ruckus is joined by singer Erika Stahl who lifts the music up even further into a more substantial kind of beauty.

And if you’re reading this before 10pm, Saturday, April 19th you may still have time to catch Muddy Rucks at The Empire in Portland, Maine with North Of Nashville. So, if you can, GO!

Jon ConPoet – Jon Constable

Jon studies literature at the University of New Hampshire. In May, Jon will unwillingly graduate and assume his role as frustrated writer and golf manager at Amherst Country Club. In 2013 he was the recipient of the Michael DePorte Scholarship and Fredrick Hyde Hibberd Award for Poetry. His poetry has appeared in Polaris, Aegis Literary Magazine, and on his mother’s refrigerator.

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