Please read this page carefully. In submitting to The Word of the Day, you agree to the ‘Terms, Rights, Conditions and all that stuff’ detailed.


While WoTD may focus on music, prose and poetry, we’re no three-trick pony. We want all of your art. Visual pieces will be used for website art, episode cover art and what-the-hell-ever we can come up with. WoTD is committed to connecting and promoting any and all artists.

So send your:

Music (You may send recordings but only WoTD studio sessions will be used in the final production. Covers are discouraged but up for discussion.)


Prose (Including: fiction, non-fiction, scripts and screenplays. ~2,000 – 3,000 words, ~10 – 15 minutes. Multiple shorter pieces are OK.)





Terms, Rights, Conditions and all that stuff:

Writers: Author/Producer collaboration is encouraged. We recognize stories are precious to their writers and have no intention of hurting them. Remember, we picked them because we loved them.

Musicians: In addition to full performances, we like to sample pieces of music to create ambient segues between mediums. The edited segments reflect back on and compliment the piece in which they originated, create a new listening experience in the moment, and act as an epigraph for the next piece. We won’t hurt your music either, we picked because we loved it.

Poets: We may play ambient sounds or music under your telling, but it will not distract from the piece. If anything, it is intended to accent and add.

All Submitters: The Word of the Day is available to download for free in audio form. It best serves our mission – to spread and cross-pollinate art, giving as much exposure to artists as possible.

However we publish, with the author’s consent, hard copies of texts, lyrics, images and audio tracks in the form of a zine, CD, or combination package. We will contact the author for permission before taking any steps toward republication. If an author either declines inclusion or does not respond to our requests, their work may not be republished. The author who decline inclusion also may request that we keep their work on file for future consideration.

As we are a young publication, proceeds are intended to improve and spread the listenership of The Word of the Day. This not only helps future featured artists – past featured artists will receive wider recognition when new listeners catch up on old episodes. In the future, however, we hope to generate enough revenue to pass onto our artists.

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