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WriterErin Camille Dillon

Erin Camille Dillon is 5 feet, 2 inches. She lives in a house in Dover, NH affectionately named the Foxy Mausoleum with a loving girlfriend, a craft beer-brewing roommate and one cat. Her talents include story telling, Russian prison-style tattooing circa 1950, and cutting chains of paper dolls. She is self-published in a series of zines, which doesn’t really count unless someone is asking her what her English degree has gotten her lately and she can lie her way around the subject.

MusicianHannah Peckhamgoodbye hannah

Hannah entered the Central Mass music scene at 14 and has been writing and performing her own songs for a decade. She grew up playing with punk bands in VFWs and basements where she found a love for intimate shows. She’s shared stages with Dan Blakeslee and Jason Anderson, and been featured on albums by Fort Orange and Mark Mandeville. Her influences include Strand of Oaks and Kings of Convenience. Hannah released her first album, Goodbye Blue Moon in May, 2013.

PoetTess Congo

Tess Congo was born and (mostly) raised in southern New Hampshire. She’s had the pleasure of living in Amsterdam and the southern U.S. and has traveled to Belgium, England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and so on. When not hopping locations, she likes to write ‘til the owls come out. Currently, she contributes articles to Yahoo! while earning her effulgent English degree at the University of New Hampshire. Previously, her poems have been published in Tower and Aegis.

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